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Cast Biographies page 3

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Vicki Fowler played by Scarlett Johnson

Vicky first arrived in 23.01.03 with an american accent which she later ditched when she went on hoilday with sister sharon. her father was den watts, her mother was michelle fowler, her half sister was sharon, her half brother was dennis, her oncles was martin and mark fowler and her grandma was pauline fowler.  as like sister sharon vicky didin have much luck with men, she slept with spencer and got pregnant and then aborted the baby, she then used ash ferreria as a distraction from sharon and dennisīs affair. she then fell for tommy who had the hots for chrisse and was way older than vicky. the relationship ended when chrissie set a trap for tommy so vicky could catch him in the act. she then fled back to the staes with sister sharon when they realised what type of man their father den was.
most likely to say "stop telling me what to do!"


Angie Watts played by Anita Dobson

Angie started in eastenders from the very beginning. she arrived in 19.02.85.
she was married to den and ran the queen vic before den left but she won him back by lying that she only had six months to live, den eventuall found out and unexpectdly handed her the divorce papers on boxing day.she then took an overdose when she found out den was living with jan.
most likely to say "cheers darlinī"

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.