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Cast Biographies

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Sharon Watts played by Letitia Dean

 Sharon has been in Eastenders since the begining(19.02.85). she has become a firm favourite in soap world. Sharon has had lots of twists and very interesting storylines over the years. Den Watts adopted her with his wife angie who tragically died of cancer later on. Sharon was always dens little princess. she certainly has had bad and unusaul luck with men, her first love was  simon wicks who worked in the queen vic, but unfortunley it didnt work out due to simons commitment phobia. she later married grant mitchell and they both ran the queen vic just like her parents had, until she wrecke dit by having an affair with grants brother phil. she and phil then had a brief relationship whcih didnt work out in the end either. sharon was then engagde to firemna tom banks whose love was brutally snatched away from them as tom died in a halloween house fire. she was then reunited with her step brother dennis rickman who after a whirlwind romance got married despite dens attemps to tear them apart. she also reunites with step sister vikky.
most likely to say "if angie were ereŽnow..."


Dennis Watts played by Nigel Harman

Dennis first arrived in 14.4.03. He was met by his step sisters Sharon and Vikky at a funreal while he was still in prison for killing Jack Dalton. When he had served his time and finally came out of jail he returned to the square, he made quite an impression on the ladies including kat, kate, tracey, and joanne. he always fancied himself as the big man. It wanst long before zoe had her claws in him and they statred going out, even lacey tried it on with him only to be kicked out humilaitely wearing nothing but a huge shirt of his. zoe had really fallen for him while dennis lost interset and set his sights on step sister sharon. zoe knew she was losing him to sharon and so did their father den and his wife chrissie. Den got zoe pregnant as a trap for dennis so he couldnt leave walford with sharon, as they made him think the baby was his. Eventually zoe spilled out her secret and chrisse took her to aburt the baby knowing what a scumbag her husband was. Dennis was devasted when he realised he had lost sharon and had no idea where she was. He eventually found her and the pair got hitched. His father den was later murdered by chrissie, zoe and sam. dennis finally got his cummpance for trying to be the big man when grant comfronted him and easily picked dennis up and threw him across the room. he owns the bookies at the moment and lives in the vic.
most likely to say "come Žere and say that"

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.