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News and Gossip page 3

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Here's the scoop...

3 different endings filmed for xmas concerning Alfie


One of the alternative endings deciding upon Alfies fututre is that he commits suicide, the 2nd is that he and Kat reconcile and drive off into the horizon and the 3rd is that Alfie leaves in good old Eastend style: in the back of a mini-cab. The 3 endings have been filmed and no-one knows which one will be shown on xmas day.

Grant Mitchell to be killed off?


Writers of Eastenders have confirmed that Johnny Allen will be killed off next spring in a war against the Mitchells and it is now said that the writers have thought about killing off Grant Mitchell. The final say is down to Ross Kemp aka Grant. He always wanted Grant to out with a bang but dosent want to be killed off. It is said that if he is to be killed off it will be to do with Johnny Allen, but Grant will die playing the hero.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!