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Cast Biographies page 7

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Stacey Slater played by Lacey Turner

Stacey Slater has caused quite a stir since she appeared in 2.11.04, she certianley acts like a Slater, she caused havoc, she was a right old bitch but has now tonned it down since being outcast by the whole of Walford. As soon as she arrived she had her claws in the local men including, Gary Slater, Dennis Rickman/Watts, Mickey Miller, Darren Miller, and Spencer Moon. She made a bet with a mate that she could seduce Gary, she then blackmailed Spencer after they slept together, she even tried it on with her cousin Zoe´s man Dennis, she kissed Darren Miller while on a drinking binge and finally tried to get it on with Mickey Miller who was then seeing Kareena which didint mean a thing to Stacey. Her family consisits of her alcholic mum Jean Slater, her deceased dad Brian Slater, her great uncle Charlie Slater, her great-great aunt Mo Harris, her first cousins Belinda, Lynne, Little Mo and Kat Slater, and her second cousin is Zoe Slater. Stacey certainley has had her ups and downs, her dad died on a constrcution site, she moved in with the slaters, she faked a muggery, being not wanted by her mum, feeling like the black sheep of the family and being tormented by the Mitchells for her alibi to free Sam.
Most likely to say "Like thats gonna stop me!"


Kat Slater played by Jessie Wallace

Kat Slater definelty had tongs wagging when she came to Walford with some of her family in 11.09.2000. Kat has been the most troubled of the Slater clan, her sister Zoe is actually her daughter, she attempted suicide, she married Alfie but slept with Andy Hunter which broke up their marriage but they attempted to get back together but then Kat found out Alfie was seeing her sister Little Mo and that was the end. Andy Hunter made her life hell after she dumped him at the alter for Alfie. She certainley was short of men and admirers, she snogged her sister lynne´s husbandGary, she snogged Paul Truemann to make his brother Anthony jealous, she then went off with her daughter Zoe´s finance Ant Truemann, she was then engaged to Andy Hunter who she dumped at the alter, she then married Alfie Moon but dumped him after he went off with her sister Little Mo.
Most Likely to say "Oi, what you lookin´ at?"

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.