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Cast Biographies page 6

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Billy Mitchell played by Perry Fenwick arrived on the square on 2.08.1999. Another Mitchell on the square, was all the residents needed. But Billy wasnt like the other Mitchells, he was and is more quiet and timid but he does have a violent streak in him which is probably the only thing he inheritated from the Mitchells aswell as voiceing his opinion in major ways. Billy also had the Mitchells bad luck in the romance department, he fancied Janine but she was only using him until she realised she did love him but was too late because Billy only had eyes for Little Mo to whom he married. Their marriage was put to the test when Mo was raped and got pregnant and decided to keep the raper Grahams baby which caused a year long split. They got back together but Billy couldnt handle looking after the baby Freddy, it all came to a head when Billy found out Mo was seeing Alfie. He also had a one night stand with Sasha Perkins but instantly regretted it. Billy is and always has been treated like dirt, from his friends to his co workers, from his partners to his family. Billy has always been the runt of the family but he does stick by them through thick and thin. He does try but he always some how manages to mess things up.
Most likely to say "oh go on, give us a chance"

Billy Mitchell played by Perry Fenwick


Jamie Mitchell played by Jack Ryder

Jamie Mitchell raised a few eyebrows and raced a few hearts when he arrived in 9.11.98. Being a Mitchell ment a lot to Jamie although he wasnt an immediate member of the family he was still close to his family especially Phil who saved him from Billys cruelty. He always had an on and off relationship with his godfather Phil depending on if he did what Phil told him to do. He was always an outcast in the family though. He didnt have a smooth life which is what is expected of a Mitchell, he lost his virginity to Janine Butcher who went round telling everyone how inadequate he was in bed, his first love was Sonia Branning/Fowler who he cheated on with Zoe Slater, he was then seduced by Belinda Slater, he was taking it really serious with Sonia until she unexpectdly gave birth to Martin Fowlers baby, after Sonia gave baby Rebecca up for adoption Jamie proposed to whcih Sonia happily agreed. Tragedy strcuk when Martin accidently ran over Jamie and killed him.
Most likely to say "because im a Mitchell, right?"

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.