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Episode Reviews 1-3 november 2005

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1st November 2005
Dennis camps out at the bookies as he´s still made at Sharon. Dawn takes Rosie for a girls day out while Keith slums it out at home. Sharon still isnt letting on to Chrissie that she knows her dark secret. The Mitchell boys turn up at the Vic to search the place for clues. Ruby tells Tina she saw Johnny kissing Amy, Tina then leaves but not before Johnny lunges at her in full view of Ruby. Pat talks some sense into Dennis and he goes back to the Vic in search of Sharon. Meanwhile Sharon admits to Grant why she cant have children and admits that the baby she aborted was his. Grant understands and admits he wasnt ready for a kid back then anyway. The pair of them kiss while a gobsmacked Dennis storms off. Ruby watches Tina drive off in a taxi while Johnny tries to get ruby back. Grant sneers at him which really gets Johnny angry as he lunges towards Grant only to be swiftly and sharply pused to the ground. Dennis offers his help to Johnny to destroy the mitchells once and for all. 10/10



3rd Novembe 2005

Johnny Allen tells Phil that he wants to kill Grant and that he should wathc his back. Phil tells Pegyy but they keep it from Grant. Meanwhile Dennis tries to agrrovate the Mitchell brothers and Grant confonts him later in the Arches. Dennis has a heart to heart talk with Stacey and gets her to admit that her alibi is false and she´s being used. Stacey also makes Dennis realise what Johnny Allen is really like. Dennis decides to make peace with the Mitchells and informs them he´s broken Stacey´s alibi. The Mitchells gloat at Chrissie in the pub. 


4 November 2005


Split loyalties cause Stacey to have a crisis of conscience. Billy's used as a messenger by Johnny. When Stacey is questioned about her albi she says she has no idea what they are talking about. Chrissie realises that she has to act fast and leave with Jake. Stacey spends the night in one of the sheds at the allotements. The Slaters as well as Dennis, Sharon and the Mitchells despreatley search for her while Chrissie and Jake are getting desperate to leave. Dennis and Ruby find Stacey in the shed which leads to Stacey running off, kicking Phil and getting carried back to her house by Grant. The police go round to talk to her about her alibi but she denies it all. Chrissie decides to pack up and leave quietley with Jake. Johnny Allen shows Jake the tape he has of Chrissie admiting to murder and he black mails Jake to stay with Chrissie. Johnny also gets Bily Mitchell into his office pretending he wants to give him his job back but really he wants Billy to watch the tape while he is out of his office so Billy will tell Grant and Phil so they will come back and get it. But what has Johnny got in store for them when they arrive?




Favorite Episode

In this area I'll talk about my all-time favorite episode. I'll try to explain why I think it's the best and why it's important to me personally.