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News and Gossip page 2

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Here's the scoop...


letita Dean and Nigel Harman are both set to leave Walford at the end of the year. Sharon and Dennis have caused quite a stir, first they were step siblings, then they got married and now they are set to seperate due to their father Den Watts death and the return of Sharons ex husband Grant Mitchell

David Essex to make a fleeting visit to Albert Square
Essex will appear for a fixed period to play Jack Edwards, father of new arrival (Emma Barton) in early 2006. She's a young girl who's employed to catch cheating men red-handed!
Honey's dad arrives in Walford to support his daughter
David's character Jack Edwards will be a colourful charmer. He will arrive in Walford to be with his daughter, Honey, during an important time in her life.
David's pleased to be returning to his roots
Essex said of his new role "Coming from the East End it will be good to go back there."
Kate Harwood, Executive Producer for EastEnders said:
"David's an extremely gifted and charismatic actor. His character Jack's going to bring some real sparkle to the Square. Following the great news about Phil Daniels, this is another exciting signing for the show."
David's worked widely as a musician and actor
His first TV acting role was in gentle comedy The River in 1988. But David's better known for his musical career, including stints on stage shows Godspell and Stardust. He's also a successful musician with a string of number one hits under his belt.




The 2005 TV Moments Awards want to know what's your TV nugget of the year. Vote for Phil and Grant's comeback as your Golden Moment by Monday 21st November, and you could win a pair of tickets to attend the glitzy awards ceremony.
Jonathan Ross will be presenting 2005 TV Moments, to be aired on BBC One in December.

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