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Cast Biographies

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Peggy Mitchell played by Barbara Windsor

Peggy first appeared on our screens on the 30.04.1991, from the moment she stepped onto the square she has become a household name. Her family consisted of sons Grant and Phil, deseased husband Eric Mitchell, daughter Sam, late husbands cousins son Billy, Billys deseased nephew Jamie, grand-daughters Courtney and Louise, grand-sons Mark Junior and Ben. Peggy as like the rest of the Mitchell clan had many serious romances in her life including fiance George Palmer who she broke up with when she found out he was involved in dodgy dealings, she then married Frank Butcher who cheated on her with his ex Pat Butcher, she was then engaged to Harry Slater but was disgusted when she found out he raped Kat Slater so she dumped him. Peggy ran the Queen Vic for many years, she suffered with breast cancer and had to deal, still has to deal with her kids running amock, each of her kids has been in prison and has left the country and caused lots of other mayhem which is why the Mitchells are the best family in Walford Eastenders.  
Most likely to say "get outta ma pub!"


Sam Mitchell played by Kim Medcalf, orginally played by Danielle Westbrook

Sam Mitchell has really lived up to the reputation of The Mitchells, she first graced our screens 19.07.1990 by the original Sam played by Danielle Westbrook who was fired for many a reasons but mainly for taking drugs. The new Sam played by Kim Medcalf arrived in29.01.2002. Sam has had her dose of mischief but the most shocking of all is the murder of den watts, she´s now banged up for the murder she didnt commit. She was also conned out of the pub by Den, she lost all her money to her ex deseased husband Andy who only married her for her money, she had a breast cancer scare, she was dragged home by her mum Peggy when she was caught lapdancing in Spain. She has had her fair share of men, she had an affair with her brother Phils rival Steve Owen, went out with pyscho Trevor Morgan who was using her to get back at his ex, a brief fling with Peppi Di Marco to wind up brother Grant, had a holiday fling with David Wicks in Spain, married Ricky Butcher and then left him to become a model, she had a one night stand with Dennis, she went out with Danny Moon who treated her good after her disastrous relationship with Andy Hunter.
Most likey to say "no-one crosses the Mitchells"

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.