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Monday 24th october 2005
After nine years the mitchell brothers are reunited in an outstanding storyline. its been nine years since grant mitchell left the square with baby courtney after wife tiffany was killed. he relocated to rio while phil mitchell stayed on. this time last year phil was framed for armed robbery by den watts and ian beale. his case was just about to go to court this week and mother peggy could see no way of freeing him until grant shows up and threatens the security guard. meanwhile mother peggy has no idea that her precouis sons are back together until johnny allen sets a hitman on her late that night only to be rescued by her sons and billy who really make mince meat out of the hitman. 10 out of 10



Tuesday 25th October 2005
The Mitchell brothers find out who Johnny Allen is and go for a short visit which scares Johnny half to death but still continues in his duty. they then move on to the queen vic to pay Chrissie a visit, Grant goes on in and lets Chrissie know exactly who he is only to be interuptted by dennis while Phil makes his way over to the pub with a crowbar. dennis has his ass kicked like you´ve never seen before. Phil joins his brother while chrissie yells for Jake and Sharon. Sharon comes running and turns on the light  just in time to see grant about to wack Dennis with a barstool on the floor. The brothers then find out that Sharon is married to Dennis which horrifies and confuses them because the they heard  Sharon and Dennis were siblings. Sharon marches them out. Pat arrives home to find out from Peggy that she has two houseguests and warns Peggy about what trouble they can land themseleves in. 10 out of 10



Thursday 27th October 2005
It morning and Grant decides to take a strowl in the square which raises a few eyebrows. Phil decides its payback time for Ian. After a hilariuos confrontation ian runs off to johnny and says he wants to pull out of the sale of the pub. Johnny dosent allow this of course. Peggy is over the moon that her boys are back and dosent waste any time telling sam. Phil and Grant go down to the local nick to visit sam and hear her story of the murder. They then realise that they have to crack Sharon and get her to listen to what sam has to say. They return to the pub and shout for Sharon as Dennis tries to back them off. They explain to Sharon what they need her to do, but she´s not having any of it. Meanwhile Lacey gets concerned when she learns about the history of the Mitchell brothers. 10 out of 10



Friday 28th October 2005
Sharon contemplates on whether to hear Sam out or not. Peggy is despearate for Sharon to see sense. Phil decides to help Gary and Minty out with getting their jobs back. He tears down eevry recruitment poster in sight and turns away all applicants. He trashes a motor in the garage and blackmails Ian into hiring Gary and Minty back. Sharon decieds to take the Mitchells up on their offer and goes to the prision with Grant and Phil. She leaves unconvinced of Sams story but still checks the accounts to see if Chrisse did really give Sam hushmoney and realises she has. Chrissie catchs her in the act and makes up another story about the money whcih seems to work until she says those fatal words which Sam told Sharon Chrisse had said "Sharon you will always be the first woman in his life". Sharon dosent let on that she knows, she runs off to Grant and Phil who have just retrited from the Queen Vic after causing yet another comostion. Dennis is furiuos that Sharon didnt tell him where she had been that day. She rushes off to the brothers and tells them she knows that Chrisse killed her father. 10 out of 10


Monday 31st October 2005


Chrissie suspects that Sharon knows that she killed her father Den. Sharon helps the Mitchells but is put off when she catches Grant attacking Stacie. Dennis leaves a distraught Sharon. A disgusted Ruby catches her dad kissing his barmaid while Tina goes behined Johnny´s back by excitedly telling Ruby that they are engaged.


Favorite Episode

My favourite episode used to be Tiffanys death but thats all changed since Grants return to the square. In my opinion  the first, second and third episodes of the Mitchell brothers return are clearly the best(25-28 october 2005). This is what Eastenders is all about, its been nine years since Grant left the square for sunny Rio with daughter Courtney after his wife Tiffanys death. The Mitchells became a firm favourite when they arrived in the early 90s, especially the brothers Grant and Phil who are extremley close but have a habit of sleeping with each others women and trying to shoot and drown each other. Phil was framed for armed robbery by dirty Den and Ian Beale last year and in this episode has been rescued by brother Grant as he persuades in Grant Mitchell style the security guard to change his story so Phil is dropped of all charges. They return late Monday night just in the nick of time to rescue their mother Peggy from one of Johnny Allens men set out to hurt her. They have returned for one reason and thats to get their younger sister Sam out of prison, and they will do anything to get her out. They pay Johnny Allen a visit which scares  Johnny half to death, they then move onto the Vic to do the same to Chrisse not knowing that Sharon lives there with new husband Dennis. Grant kicks down the door while he sends Phil back to the house to fetch a crwobar. Chrissie awakens at the sudden noise and goes down to investigate. She bumps into Grant who throws her easily onto a sofa and explains that she will get whats coming to her, he´s interupted by Dennis which dosent cause a problem for Grant who just easily picks him up and rams hin across the room into the piano. Phil comes running in when he hears Chrissie screaming. Grant raises a barstool above Dennis who is lying helplessly on the floor only to be caught dead in his tracks by Sharon turning on the lights. The brothers then learn that Sharon and Dennis are married which they cant get their heads round because the last they heard Sharon and Dennis were siblings. They return home to a happy Peggy and a surprised Pat. The next morning Phil decides to find Ian and get revenge, he scares Ian, enough for him to go and cry to Johnny that he dosent want to buy the pub anymore, but Johnnys not having any of it. Phi continues to give Ian grief while Grant causes mayhem elsewhere. These episodes are classics, the writing, the performances and the chemistry between Grant and Phil is priceless, they bring it all back and it seems like nothing has changed, the humor is at its best from Grants comments to Phils facial expressions. There is so much more but there wont be enough pages left.